Noa Reshef is Performance and video artist, and a costume designer.
Graduate of the school of visual theatre, Jerusalem.

In her work, Noa applies a diverse range of skills, from directing and choreography, performance and costume design to writing and video creation, however her main medium is the live performance.

Her work as a performance artist is mainly expressed in two directions – stage performances, and projects with investigative character that focus on individual interaction with one person at a time.

Her work deals with relationships and communication, intimacy and seduction. It examines clichés, behavior cods and conventional signs, and the expectations, the misunderstanding and the confusion they may create.

The costumes, which she designs herself, and it’s relation to her body, have a great importance in her performances. Those costumes often dictate her movements and acts, and define her attitude in different situations on stage.
The choreographies she creates composed of gestures and communication signs.

Her live work and videos were presented internationally in festivals like Préavis de désordre Urbain (Marseille), EPAF (warsaw), Kunstfest festival (Weimar), Dance Triennale (Tokio), Red Dawns (Ljublijana) among others.



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